Latest Practice News

12th Jan

COVID restriction update 12/01/2022

Throughout the pandemic we have strived to make the surgery as safe as possible for all our patients and staff. We will continue to do so going forward.
From the 19th July nothing will change at the surgery - patients will need to still wear a mask, socially distance and use hand sanitiser in the surgery and our staff will continue to wear PPE. We do understand that it can be frustrating but we know that when people come to us they are sick and vulnerable (and some cannot receive the covid vaccinations due to medical reasons) so we feel it would be wrong to not take these small precautions that can protect people.
In terms of opening up, as many of you know, we have never been shut and in fact have consulted with much higher numbers of patients than we did pre-covid (face to face, by phone, and by video), not counting vaccinating 90% of the adult population twice in the last 6 months.
The local community has come so far in trying to minimise the impact of Covid and we are sure you understand that we still need to keep the surgery as safe for ALL patients as we can.

6th Oct 2021

06.10.2021 - Changes to our Appointment System - from 11th October 2021

Please see attached letter from our Partners regarding changes to our appointment system from 11th October 2021.

Letter to RMP Patients regarding improvements

4th Oct 2021

04.10.2021 - Flu & COVID vaccination Update.

We are now inviting patients over 50 and in the at risk groups for a combined flu and covid booster appointment – this is in line with recommendations for patients to have the two vaccines together where possible. Patients will be invited to these clinics 180 days after their second dose, and in order of priority according to the JCVI cohorts as with the initial doses. Due to the volume of patients we are vaccinating these clinics will be running right through to December.

If you are due your booster you may also receive a text from the National Booking Service which will invite you to book via 119 and will offer appointments in Telford, Market Drayton and Woodside. You can choose to book one of these appointments, or wait for us to contact you for a local appointment at Severnfields vaccination centre.

Flu invites for all 2 & 3-year-olds are being sent out currently and these vaccines will be delivered in-house.

Please do not contact your Medical Practice as you will be contacted directly as soon as further updates are available.